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Tampa Real Estate Blog

  • How are credit scores calculated?

    Have you ever wondered how your credit score is calculated? Credit scoring models use the following information when evaluating a score: Of the score, 35% comes from the payment history with higher weight for recent history.  If late payments, collections, and/or a bankruptcy appear in the credit report, they are subtracted from the score. Outstanding debt is very close in Continue Reading

  • When Is Your First Mortgage Payment Due?

    As a home buyer, when you finally get to the closing table and receive keys to your new home, a great question to ask is….when is your first mortgage payment due? Unlike a rent payment (paid in advance), your mortgage payment is paid after the fact (paid in arrears). When buying a home and obtaining a mortgage, interest is collected Continue Reading

  • Homestead Exemption in Florida

    All legal Florida residents are eligible for a Homestead Exemption on their homes, condominiums, co-op apartments, and certain mobile home lots if they qualify.  The Florida Constitution provides this tax-saving exemption on the first and third $25,000 of the assessed value of an owner/occupied residence. The Homestead exemption in Florida may refer to three different types of homestead exemptions under Florida law: exemption from forced sale before and at death Continue Reading

  • Real Estate Rental Income

    The market is improving but there are still plenty of bank-owned and auction homes for sale due to foreclosures that have finally processed.  During the past 6 months, I have sold plenty of $25,000 – $60,000 homes to investors looking to better invest their funds sitting in savings accounts.  A couple of my clients have even borrowed funds from their Continue Reading