Real Estate Investing in Tampa Bay

Invest in Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay Area Real Estate Market is on the rise! Take a look below at some investor client purchases and resales in the Tampa Bay and St Petersburg Area.

Tampa was Ranked #18 on the 20 Hottest Markets for U.S. Real Estate in January 2017, up five spots in the ranking since December.

4420 W Wyoming Ave,Tampa, FL 33616

Purchased on 11/13/2014 for $91,000

Sold on 8/7/2015 for $210,000

3816 W Wyoming Ave, Tampa, FL 33616

Purchased on 1/8/2015 for $91,000

Sold on 6/16/2015 for $171,000

Sold on 5/9/17 for $209,900

2918 W Rogers Ave, Tampa, FL 33611

Purchased on 2/4/2015 for $111,100

Sold on 4/8/2016 for $263,000

4519 S Grady Ave, Tampa, FL 33611

Purchased on 10/13/2015 for $161,000

Sold on 10/27/2016 for $290,000

3511 21st St N, St Petersburg, FL 33713

Purchased on 3/27/2014 for $50,100

Sold on 10/9/2015 for $81,500

2499 38th Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33713

Purchased on 3/31/2014 for $42,000

Sold on 4/30/2015 for $107,000

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Are you a Tampa real estate investor looking to:

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Buy at wholesale and sell to another investor?

I am an investor friendly real estate agent currently working with many investors in the South Tampa and St Petersburg, Florida area.  You want your purchase to ultimately yield you a profit – something only certain agents are capable of assisting with.

Comfortable Making Offers

Real estate investing can require making numerous offers, often all during the same day. You are trying to get a seller to bite on the lowest possible offer you can manage and this sometimes requires throwing out numbers one after another until something sticks.  Not every agent is capable of doing this as it requires a stomach for numerous rejections, and the ability to weather negative feedback from sellers and their agents.

Experience Working With Investors

There is no substitute for an experienced agent when you are trying to make money buying real estate.  You want an agent who has worked with other investors, preferably three or more.


This is one of the biggest reasons why you seek out an agent.  If you are like many investors, you are looking for where the market is prime for buying low and eventually selling high.  This area may not be in your hometown or anywhere near it which means you need someone with his or her finger on the pulse of the area market you are considering.